MusicEnt BIO

 Sharon Lee Williams

From birth,
Sharon Lee has been a spirit outside the box. She grew up in Montreal as a foster child. During her turbulent adolescent years she looked to acting as her means of escape. Always keeping to herself, her dramatic persona longed to reflect her inspiration, Marilyn Munro. As she traveled into her youthful chapter, she traded her make-shift hairbrush mic for a real one. She performed and acted in school plays; she stretched her spirit as a church soloist and later on formed her own band. She went on to strengthen her artistic soul by studying piano with Daisy Sweeney (Oscar Perterson’s sister). The next fork in the her life’s road read on the signpost, to the left is a regular life, to the right is her passion as a profession. Intrigued by the right direction, she stepped onto the stage acting and singing in the theatrical play Hair. Her talents continued to grow. She became recognized both as a performer and as a strong figure in the music business industry. Her unique voice has been featured on numerous albums, soundtracks and jingles from Molson’s to Eaton’s as well as performing voice-overs for film and television including the voice of Diana Doll on the television series “Noddy” and the voice of Angela Bassett in the film, “A Bucket of Blood”. Even though her name is well known only within the music industry, you have undoubtedly heard her voice on albums with such stars as Luther Vandross, Anne Murray, Bob Seeger, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Bryan Adams, Ray Charles, Richie Havens, Marc Jordan and countless others. Realizing that there was no agency specifically geared to the needs of singers, and the production houses that need them, she set up FSO “For Singers Only” in 1998 which grew into “MusicEnt Productions”. Since that time the MusicEnt has Coached and supplied singers for television, recording sessions, and film. Her professionalism and experience on set contributes to the smooth flowing and efficient performance required in today’s music and entertainment world. The singers represented at MusicEnt are handpicked by Sharon Lee, and conform to the highest standard of technical skill and professionalism. Sharon Lee has gone on to become one of the premier voices and coaches on the Toronto music scene. Her outstanding technique and versatility has ensured that she is the first to be called for jingles , film, vocal coaching, stage performing, background arrangements and album sessions in Toronto.
History Awards: “Rising Star Award” Juno nominated of recording of “Hands Up” with Sharon as lead vocals of the song. Gold Record for “Hands Up” (She has been acclaimed with a “Rising Star Award” and a gold record for her performance with the group Sway on their hit record “Hands Up”.) Coached: Canadian Idol. MTV’s Made. How do you solve a problem like Maria? Making the Band. Training: Piano with Daisy Sweeney. Discography: Wrote soundtrack for the short “Silent Hymn-Silent War. Television Appearance: Call out the numbers for lotto canada. Event Performances: Judge at Woodbine Idol. Judge at Phem Phat. Judge at Humber College graduating class. Dominic tr… hospital foundiation charity. Easter seals./"Phenomenal"